TRUST US! is at the service of all sports. We have made personalization our strong point.
Who better than a sportsman can understand and meet the needs of athletes and society?

Over the years, thanks to the strong character and the constant search for systems to innovate and improve, has made its way in all the major sports sectors, from the competitive to the amateur. Consistency and commitment have allowed us to expand into sports such as: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Cross-country Motorcycles, Running, Roller Derby, E-sports. Offering totally customizable, high quality products that best represent the needs and tastes of individual teams.

OUR PRODUCTS does not only deal with sportswear, but is also a company with years of experience in the production and sale of plastic materials and fabrics with personalized printing.

We have a wide range of high quality materials, for every need, we provide our experience and creativity, to make the product you want. Starting from the customization of models, sizes and stitching to then move on to the choice of the most suitable material for each request (resistant, elastic, breathable) and finally to complete customization, with sublimation printing, hot applications, sublimated patches and embroidery. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, we can fulfill your every wish.

Do you want a model that fits your sporting activity perfectly? We create it together with you, assisted by our group of tailors always available.
Do you want a more vintage or classic design? No problem, we provide you with an archive of standard graphics among which you choose, with endless color variations. This will be the basis of your uniforms, to which you can then add names, numbers, sponsors and logos. But it doesn't end there.

With, in addition to clothing, you can have a complete line of accessories, gadgets, merchandising and advertising products for all your activities, be they business, competitive or just for fun.


KAPO clothing is worn by anyone, from small fans who follow their favorite team, to young students who cultivate their passions, from professional players to Olympic athletes.

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You will be accompanied by a chart
expert, who will help you develop
and achieve the perfect design
for your uniform.


Once the graphics are approved, we move on to the printing phase.
Every single piece of the uniform is printed, with particular inks
water based, on a non-absorbent paper. The desired color and graphics are permanently and permanently imprinted on the fabric thanks to the thermosublimation process. After being sublimated, the fabric remains soft and breathable.
This technique allows colors and graphics to remain bright and defined, without fading over time.


The fabric, with the different pieces that make up the uniform,
it is cut with a special machine,
then move on to sewing.


After a careful review of the quality control, your products will be packed and prepared for shipment.